Message from Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh:


Greetings to participants in RSFDGrC 2005.

It is a source of deep regret for me to be unable to be with you in the beautiful city of Regina and participate in meetings and discussions. I have participated in previous RSFDGrC conferences, and still carry with me many pleasant memories. What differentiates RSFDGrC from other conferences and makes them unique is their sharp focus on rough set theory, granular computing and applications to data mining and related fields. The spirit of RSFDGrC Conferences reflects the unique personality of Professor Pawlak -- a true scientist, a scholar, a man of great warmth and utmost modesty. His development of rough set theory is a major contribution which opened the doors to new and exciting areas within informatics, systems analysis and theories of decision and control. These directions will be the objects of presentations and discussions in Regina. I have no doubt that the Conference will be a great success.

With my warmest regards to all.



Lotfi Zadeh